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Bianca Atzei to her oncoming son: «Noa Alexander, you changed our lives»

Joy and ironies among friends, the name of the eldest son of Bianca Atzei And Stephen Courtsunveiled by the couple on Instagram, has sparked many comments, including the funniest ones.

«Noah Alexander: in eight months you changed our lives. You shaped our dreams. You gave tears and smiles. Since you’ve been there and you make yourself heard, it already seems to have you here. You don’t let us sleep at night. We spend the time making you listen to music, pampering you. Who knows what your little hands and feet will be like. I wonder if you’ll have dad’s eyes or a nose up. Who knows… who knows», wrote the future mother, sharing some shots with her followers.

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And the answers were not long in coming, including that of Leonardo Pieraccioni. «Of course with this name you have created a Viking warrior! You had to call him Ugo and he slept 12 hours right! », Wrote the director and actor under the post. «Leo wanted to call him Blu», Corti retorted sympathetically.

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This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Atzei and Corti had revealed that it would be a boy on TV, a very truelast October. Together for three years, the two soon began to dream of a family: «We started trying after a couple of months of living together”, even dealing with the pain of a miscarriage. «From the greatest joy, to the strongest suffering, in one blink of an eye», the singer had written on social media in those days, also recounting the use of a series of treatments to stimulate fertility. “Many women have faced and are facing this pain. Now I know what it feels like and I am close to all those who have been through a situation like ours. I am sorry that for many women it is so complicated to have a child, or even impossible. Then the news she was waiting for the most, a new expectation: «We wanted you more than anything in the world.”

For Bianca, Noa will be the first child, while for her partner the second. In fact, when she was very young, she had Gabriele, who is 14 today and lives in France with his mother.

The family grows.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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