Bianca Balti: “I said enough”

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“I fell in love with a man and it turned out he was an asshole, then another man and that was an asshole too. Could it be that I only met assholes? Was it a coincidence? When I realized that the common denominator of assholes was me, I wondered what I could do to not accept what was not right for me “, tells the model in the issue of Vanity Fair on newsstands tomorrowdefending what the director Simone Marchetti in his editorial he defined “The right to fragility”: “In this beautiful interview Bianca Balti claims her story, her mistakes, the right choices, the wrong ones, the right to fragility and the desire to write a new chapter in her life and in his career ».

Bianca who falls, Bianca who gets up, Bianca who is reborn and, finally, Bianca who chooses and begins a path of freedom and self-determination: «The first step to get out of one toxic relationship was saying it out loud. First to my daughter Matilde, then to my followers on social media. I also told and explained the choice of having the oocytes freeze, a symbolic gesture. I don’t know if I will do this son, if I will meet a man who will make me want to do it, if I want to do it alone. ” An important choice to be able one day to decide to still be a mother – Balti has two daughters, Matilde, 15 and Mia, 6 – regardless of age, from a relationship, from a man: “Who is in a relationship that is toxic and not he interrupts her because he wants to become a parent and is the victim of a further blackmail, the one for which motherhood depends on the relationship », adds Balti.

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For Balti, narrating is also a way to be useful, a gesture of generosity to help those in difficulty because they may be living in a similar situation: «Since I chose to speak, many women have written to me and thanked me. Growing up I realized that sharing generously makes you feel good, giving something to others is good for those who do it. I cry sowing seeds, perhaps they will blossom ». Because, as Simone Marchetti writes, «Sharing certain scars is another way to heal. Another way to help heal. Another way to not be afraid and to continue living ».

Source: Vanity Fair

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