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Biden against Republicans who allied with Trump

President Joe Biden described Republicans allied with former President Donald Trump in harsh words yesterday as he held his first campaign rally for November’s midterm congressional elections.

He accused the Republican group of embracing violence and hatred, noting that it verges on “semi-fascism,” during an earlier fundraising stop.

Biden has begun a tour between the East and West coasts of the US with the aim of showing his support for the Democratic candidates in order to hinder the Republicans in their attempt to gain majority control of the Congress.

The American president emphasizes promoting the essential differences that exist between the two parties.

“It’s no exaggeration now that you literally have to vote to save democracy again,” Biden told a crowd of several thousand Democratic supporters at a Democratic National Committee event at Richard Montgomery High School in a Maryland suburb of Washington.

“America must choose whether our country will move forward or backward,” Biden said.

“Trump and the extreme Republicans (MAGA) have made their choice to go backwards, with all the anger, violence, hatred and discrimination,” he stressed, saying that Democrats have chosen to be a nation of unity and hope.

The event was promoted by advocacy groups, including the women’s reproductive health nonprofit Planned Parenthood and the anti-gun violence activist group Moms Demand, as Democrats move to support new gun-safe legislation. while Republicans supported the abortion ban in order to improve their electoral prospects in November.

Montgomery County, Maryland voted more than 78% for Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in 2020.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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