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Biden ally says meeting with House Democrats was ‘very positive’

Rep. Jim Clyburn, a top ally of President Joe Biden, described the atmosphere at the House Democratic meeting as “very positive” but did not elaborate.

A CNN reported that other members described the call as filled with “sadness.”

In response to a variety of questions from reporters, the South Carolina congressman repeatedly gave a brief four-word answer: “I’m with Biden.”

Clyburn was one of the first House Democrats to get a call from the president last week as Biden made efforts to consolidate support among lawmakers after a poor showing in the House debate. CNN.

Feeling of sadness

A source who attended the party meeting this morning told CNN that there is a feeling of “sadness” after being asked to assess the mood of the conversation.

He explained that the sadness comes from “talking about someone you love who is in obvious decline.”

Decisive day for Biden

Members of the Democratic Party believe that Joe Biden’s political future is facing a decisive day.

The president holds meetings with members of the Chamber, the Senate and mayors.

While Biden has said only “God” could make him abandon his campaign, top Democrats have told the CNN that the decision ultimately rests with party leadership, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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