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Biden Calls Xi Jinping ‘Dictator’ Again, Anthony Blinken’s Reaction Goes Viral

“Fire” took social media from a snapshot of the press conference given by the American President Joe Biden after his four-hour meeting with Xi Jinping. Biden did not hold back for his Chinese counterpart and repeated a characterization that had angered Beijing in the past… He called him a “dictator” again.

That particular comment came in response to a reporter’s question about whether Biden still considers the Chinese leader a “dictator,” as he has previously stated. “He is a dictator in the sense that he rules a country, a communist country, where the form of government is completely different from ours,” the US president said, surprising those who expected him to focus exclusively on the positives of the Summit.

The clip quickly went viral not only for Biden’s characterization of his Chinese counterpart but also for Blinken’s reaction to hearing “dictator” … Which means that all the efforts of the US Secretary of State went wrong. Many commentators saw deep disappointment in his downcast gaze Anthony Blinken but also the embarrassment in his movements, assuming that the statement of the American president was an extremely unpleasant surprise for him after many months of hard work to make this meeting happen.

Source: News Beast

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