Biden celebrates lowest unemployment in 50 years and sees progress with payroll

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US President Joe Biden celebrated the 3.5% unemployment rate in July, the lowest recorded in 50 years, he said.

The president credited the fact to his economic plan, which focused on “rebuilding the American economy and the middle class”, in his words.

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In addition to the fall in unemployment, the payroll for July registered the creation of 528 thousand jobs and a higher-than-expected salary increase in the month.

For Biden, the report is a sign of “significant progress” for American workers.

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In his comment, released this Friday (5th) in a press release, the US president did not address the issue of high inflation in the US, which tends to accelerate further in the face of a heated job market.

Recently, he said he trusted the Federal Reserve (Fed, the US central bank) to fight the rise in prices and considered the slowdown of the economy to be natural in the face of BC action.

Source: CNN Brasil

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