Biden certification: pro-Trump try to force entry to Capitol Hill

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Joe Biden is set to be proclaimed the next President of the United States. During a purely formal procedure, the elected representatives of the two chambers of Congress met on Wednesday January 6 to formally record the vote of 306 voters in favor of Joe Biden against 232 for Donald Trump. In accordance with the rules in force, the parliamentarians immediately withdrew to their respective chambers to debate it for a maximum of two hours. They then vote by simple majority.

At the same time and a few hundred meters away, Donald Trump gathered his troops to challenge, once again, the result of the presidential election. Clashes even broke out near the Capitol between the police and supporters of Donald Trump. The police pushed back the demonstrators who tried to break into the building that houses the two chambers of Congress.

Mike Pence refuses to obey Donald Trump

A little earlier, US Vice President Mike Pence had let it be known that he would not oppose the certification, Wednesday, of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, inflicting the coup de grace on Donald Trump. The outgoing president had nevertheless asked him to take advantage of this meeting, which he chairs as vice-president, to refuse to recognize the victory of the Democrat. In vain. Joe Biden must be officially invested on January 20. All remedies seem exhausted for Donald Trump …

Democrats on the way to majority in Congress

In Georgia, Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock defeated Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler and made history by becoming the first black senator elected in that southern state. “What happened last (Tuesday) night is extraordinary,” the 51-year-old pastor of a church in Atlanta where Martin Luther King was officiating told CNN. The other Democrat in the state, Jon Ossoff, also seemed in a position to surprise Republican Senator David Perdue. By winning both, they would ensure the majority in their camp and allow Joe Biden to push through his reform projects more easily.

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