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Biden government begins process for R$5 billion arms deal for Israel

The government of Joe Biden, President of the United States, began this Tuesday (14) a process to move forward with a new US$1 billion (R$5.13 billion) arms deal for Israel, according to two sources. of the American Congress.

The US State Department opened discussions with the House and Senate Foreign Relations committees about the possible sale with informal notification this Tuesday (14).

There is no set timeline for when Congress will be officially notified of this, which would give a deadline for approval.

This decision comes at a time when the Biden administration has stopped sending 900 and 230 kg bombs to Israel.

The potential new arms sales would include the potential transfer of US$700 million (R$3.5 billion) in tank ammunition, US$500 million (R$2.5 billion_ in tactical vehicles and US$60 million (R$ 307 million) in mortars, as confirmed by one of the Congressional sources.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the US federal administration's discussions with Congress about this sale.

However, these weapons would not reach Israel imminently. The sale would still need to be officially notified to Congress and receive approval, which could be a lengthy process, potentially dragged out by objections.

While U.S. officials said other cases of arms shipments to Israel would be under review, they also stressed that the U.S. will continue to ensure that Israel has the military capacity to defend itself, indicating that long-term arms deals will not be disrupted at this time. .

“We continue to send military assistance and will ensure that Israel receives the full amount provided in the supplement. We stopped a shipment of 900 kg bombs because we do not believe they should be dropped on densely populated cities. We are talking to the Israeli government about this,” said national security advisor Jake Sullivan on Monday (13).

The US State Department did not comment on the informal notification, other than citing Sullivan's remarks.

The Pentagon also declined to comment on the case.

Source: CNN Brasil

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