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Biden: “I feel tired, I don’t have the same stamina,” he told his intimates – What a new book reveals

American author Franklin Foer wrote book for Joe Biden and among other things he mentions that the president of the USA confided to his relatives that he is tired because of her of age of.

I often feel tired. I may be quite adept at politics, however my stamina is not the same anymore“, the 80-year-old American president is reported to have said, according to his publication Guardian.

The book entitled “The Last Politician: Inside the Joe Biden’s White House and the Struggle for America’s Future” will be released next week on the other side of the Atlantic and emphasizes Biden’s age. Yes, it will be released shortly before the US election and in view intense dispute over Biden’s age, from both Republicans and Democrats.

However, the author emphasizes that the Biden’s experience is his main advantage and that the White House has relied on this for the country’s image abroad.

The author of the book Franklin Foer

“THE his advanced age acts as an obstacledepriving him of her energy to have a strong public presence or the ability to remember a name. It is impressive that during his tenure he receives few morning meetings or that he presides over few public events before 10 a.m.,” emphasizes Foer and adds: “His public persona reflects his physical fatigue and weariness due to his agewhich no pill or exercise program can resist,” writes Franklin Foer.

He also emphasizes that “the advantages of having an older president were obvious. He was not just a leader of the pro-Kiev international coalition, he was the father figure of the Westwhom foreign leaders could call on the phone for advice….It was his calm presence and strategic clarity that helped lead the alliance to such an aggressive stance, which blocked Putin’s authoritarianism on the front lines of the war. He is a man of his age.”

Source: News Beast

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