Biden in Scotland for COP26 climate summit – “China needs to do more”

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The President of the United States has arrived in Scotland Joe Biden and is expected to participate at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, which is considered crucial for the future of humanity. Coming from Rome to attend the G20 summit, he arrived in Edinburgh on an Air Force One presidential plane, before addressing other world leaders participating in COP26 at 13:00 local time (15:00 Greek time). , according to AFP.

Speaking earlier than the presidential plane, ahead of the US president’s arrival in Scotland, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said the UN COP26 summit was not the end of the road race to tackle climate change. He added that the international community must continue to work on this issue for the rest of this decade.

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Sullivan told reporters that the Glasgow summit was an “incredibly important opportunity for us to secure enough commitments and enough momentum.”

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“It is also crucial for us to recognize that work must continue when everyone returns from Glasgow,” he added.

“We can not afford to give up [την προσπάθεια] “In terms of making significant progress and building significant momentum here, but this is not the end of the road race,” the US national security adviser was quoted as saying by international news agencies and the Athenian News Agency.


Sullivan also called on China, the country with the highest greenhouse gas emissions in the world, to do more to address climate change.

“We are doing what we promised in the COP. “The fact that China is not doing this is not something they can easily point the finger at,” he said.

“It is a big country, with a lot of resources and a lot of potential, and it is fully capable of meeting its responsibilities and it is up to it to do so,” said Jake Sullivan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is one of the major absentees from the UN climate summit, which is expected to last two weeks.

COP26: More than a thousand delegations lined up for more than an hour

Meanwhile, more than a thousand members of the delegations lined up for more than an hour to attend today’s opening remarks at the UN COP26 conference in Glasgow, heavily dressed to deal with the bitter cold of Scotland and most with protective masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, social distancing measures were almost impossible to follow as the crowd marched to the revolving front doors for security checks and to show the results of diagnostic tests that show they have not been infected with the new coronavirus.

“We are lucky – at least it is not raining,” said Teresa Kubkova of the Czech Republic as she waited outside the “blue zone” of the conference for government officials, business leaders, NGO representatives and journalists.

In the crowd, a group of activists shouted slogans and played an electronic music remix with speeches by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Delegation members must submit daily negative diagnostic test results for the new coronavirus to be allowed to enter the conference room.

The US delegation announced this morning that President Joe Biden’s test was negative.

Some leaders arrived in Jaguar electric cars, setting the tone for this conference, which aims to plan for a fossil fuel removal.

Leaders stopped to take pictures on the gray carpet laid out in front of the COP26 logo on a blue background before entering the building.

In the window of a hotel room from which the gathered crowd could be seen near the place where COP26 is being held stood a girl holding an improvised banner, calling on the participants to save the planet, until the adults in the room she was asked to leave.

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