Biden is considering publishing a report on the origin of the coronavirus

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In the statement that is likely to give to the public a report detailing the findings of the American Information Community with origin of coronavirus, proceeded today (27/05) the President of the USA, Joe Biden.

At the same time, according to the Reuters news agency, the American Information Community acknowledged today that its services have two theories about the origin of Covid-19, with two services believing that it appeared naturally from human contact with infected animals and a third to embrace a possible laboratory accident, as the source of this global pandemic.

“The American intelligence community does not know exactly where, when and how the Covid-19 virus was first transmitted, but it converges on two possible scenarios,” said the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Services (ODNI), adding that the majority believed that there is not “sufficient information to assess that one scenario is more likely than the other”.

According to APE-MPE, the ODNI announcement did not specify which of the 17 services that make up the US intelligence community believe that the virus came from infected animals and which service believes that it came from a laboratory accident.

In both cases, however, ODNI says that services that lean on one explanation or another do so with “low or moderate self-confidence”, which in spy terminology means that they believe that the evidence supporting their view is far from to be decisive.

Officials declined to discuss which services were reluctant to comment on the origin of the virus, but said the vast majority of US agencies believed the information was insufficient to determine whether one scenario was more likely than the other.

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