Biden is reviewing Trump’s “black list” for Chinese companies

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A review of the list of Chinese companies that Americans are allowed to invest in intends to proceed with Joe Biden.

According to experts, the American president seems ready to reconsider the relations between the USA and China, while maintaining the pressure on Beijing.

Former US President Donald Trump has banned US investment in 31 Chinese companies who were considered to supply or support the military-espionage complex.

This list included large groups of construction, telecommunications or technology companies, such as China Railway Construction, China Mobile, China Telecom, or Hikvision CCTV.

The decision was part of a series of measures taken by the White House to address the rise of the Chinese giant, which caused particular tension in Sino-US relations.

As part of the Biden government’s reform, the Treasury Department will draw up a list of companies that could be fined for their relationship with Chinese defense and surveillance companies, according to a Bloomberg News report. No sources were named or clarified whether the president’s signature is expected this week.

To date, sanctions and the selection of targets, according to the Athens News Agency, are linked to a report by the Department of Defense, under the direction of Congress.

This change comes after the successful outcome of two lawsuits by Chinese companies.

At a time when his environment is following a more diplomatic course in terms of China by the Trump administration, Joe Biden has said he wants to keep a strict line on many issues, including defense and technology.

The US president is expected to retain much of the existing list, but the Treasury Department’s foreign assets control service is set to add new companies after consulting with the defense and foreign ministries.

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