Biden nominates Ted Kennedy’s widow as new US ambassador to Austria

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The widow of former US Senator Ted Kennedy, Victoria, is said to be the new US ambassador to Vienna. According to Austrian media, citing sources from the White House, the American President Joe Biden has already made his proposal.

The Athenian-Macedonian News Agency reports that the proposal was expected last week, when the office of the Federal Presidency in Vienna confirmed that Austria had given the consent required for the appointment of a new ambassador, while a White House spokesman that “nothing is final until we announce the appointment”.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz said in a statement that “we are pleased with this appointment, which is an honor for us in Austria”, and said that approval had been given by Vienna, of course, but that it was still awaiting approval by the Senate. , “So that I can say officially: we are happy for the cooperation”.

The profile of the widow of the former US senator

Victoria Kennedy, 67, of Lebanese Maronite descent, hails from the southern state of Louisiana: her father, Edmund Rizzi, was a judge and banker who backed John F. Kennedy in his failed presidential campaign in 1956, and his mother , Doris Ann Bastani, was also active in the Democratic Party.

Ted and Victoria Kennedy were married in 1992, and she, his second wife, according to the New York Times, played a key role in allowing Ted Kennedy to win the 1994 Senate election.

Three years later, Victoria Kennedy left the legal profession and became more involved in politics, where, for example, she tried to organize Catholic supporters of President Obama.

Following the death of her husband in 2009, Victoria Kennedy was rumored to be his possible successor, but she refused to run for her husband until the new Senate election, which was won by the Republican nominee in the early 2010 election.

Victoria Kennedy, also known as an activist for stricter gun laws, was running for government under then-President Barack Obama, who nominated her for the post of US Postal Commander (USPS) in February 2014. , however, her candidacy did not pass the highly polarized US Senate.

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