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Biden says he will go on the attack in the next debate, sources say

US President Joe Biden told major campaign donors on Monday (8) that he is not pulling out of the presidential race, according to three participants in the call among them.

The Democrat also stressed that he believes he is still the best candidate to defeat Donald Trump.

During the question-and-answer portion of the call, Biden was asked what he needs to do in the second debate — scheduled for September 10 — to perform better than the one he did last year. CNN.

Biden described the strategy simply, according to two participants: “Attack, attack, attack.”

“My only job is to defeat Donald Trump,” Biden said, according to one of the callers, who said the president thanked donors and renewed his promise to keep the fight alive.

Another participant on the call, who criticized the president last week, praised the Democrat’s speech on Monday and said the campaign seemed to “finally” understand the seriousness of the moment.

The ultimate test, according to this donor, would be whether congressional leaders ask Biden to reconsider his candidacy this week — and whether support for the president declines in opinion polls after the holiday.

“It’s still a huge hole to climb out of. It was already a steep hill to climb to victory,” the Democratic donor said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Democratic National Committee Finance Chairman Chris Korge, who was among the last speakers on the call, was “begging” us to stay there, one participant noted.

Another member commented on the president’s determination to continue running: “He’s not budging an inch.”

The call started about 40 minutes late as the campaign processed a surge of last-minute reservations due to the late announcement of Biden’s participation.

More than 300 members of the National Campaign Finance Committee were on the call, a participant told CNN.

Source: CNN Brasil

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