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Big Brother 2023: Beatrice Luzzi, the threat of retirement and that hug with Massimilano Varrese

It often happens that the strongest competitors of the Big Brother I think at some point I want to abandon reality TV and Beatrice Luzzi, the most interesting name of this edition, certainly could not escape the same fate. After having practically supported three quarters of the dynamics triggered by the authors on its own to keep the public’s interest alive in a reality show that is doing everything to guarantee stability and curiosity to the network while keeping as far away from trash as possible, Luzzi begins to show the first signs of slowing down, especially due to the hostile climate that the other tenants of the Big Brother they built around it. «Giuseppe goes around saying that I manipulate Vittorio like I manipulated him», he had the opportunity to tell his bitter enemy Massimiliano Varresethe one who had initially pushed Giuseppe Garibaldi into his arms with the hope that she would soften.

You realize? This is because Vittorio was my friend and made up things about me. I can’t trust anyone anymore. I can’t be alone, I need emotion and human relationships and here I see that it’s not possible. How do I move forward? I feel so out of place… I’m a childish person from an emotional point of view. Without affection I don’t live and this also applies in here. Being betrayed by those I trusted destabilized me. The fact that you can’t get attached here is very sad”, continued Beatrice Luzzi before Massimiliano Varrese hugged her to cheer her up. It certainly doesn’t help that the authors, again to tease her, decided to let her into the House Sara Ricci who once shared the set of Live precisely with Luzzi, a way like any other to keep interest alive in his person with the hope of rekindling his spirit.

The result is (rightly) a competitor squeezed in all ways and in all sauces to continue to keep a Big Brother increasingly tired and hungry for characters to tell. For the moment the actress has desisted from the intention of abandoning her who, in the meantime, hit his friend and colleague Ciro Petronebut it remains that the Big Brother he should be careful to play his cards because it’s a matter of time for the most talked about name of this edition to pack his bags and leave them out of the blue.

Source: Vanity Fair

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