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Big Brother 2023: Claudio Roma’s anger for Signorini’s lack of delicacy

It was supposed to be the light version of past years, but it is clear that the Big Brother 2023 still has a lot of work to do, not only because it is more than normal for unpredictable human variables to be inserted into a reality show, but also because it seems that freeing oneself from certain descriptions steeped in audience-grabbing rhetoric is more difficult than expected. Competitor Claudio Roma lit the fuse for this round which, before being a risk of disqualification for a probable blasphemy uttered within the House – years pass, but the Big Brother continues to have its inevitable constants – he couldn’t resist sharing his displeasure due to a phrase that the host Alfonso Signorini he addressed him as soon as he crossed the threshold of Cinecittà.

During his presentation card before entering the Big Brother Claudio, in fact, told a little about himself as usual: he said that he was 34 years old, that he graduated in Veterinary Medicine before becoming a small entrepreneur in the wellness field, but also that he had come close to a dramatic event during his adolescence. «I was 16/17 years old, and at that age it’s easy to take a wrong turn. I took it and it was the lowest moment of my life. When you disappoint the family that gave you everything, you either go broke or find the strength to become someone else. I paid dearly, but it helped me. I did social services, volunteering, it changed me a lot. I’m a good boy”, said Claudio Roma without delving into the trauma that he probably would have had the opportunity to describe in his time.

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Unfortunately, it was Signorini himself who wasted his time and thought it wrong to speak directly to the other tenants of the building Big Brother telling something more about Claudio: «We immediately liked your story. When we met, you told me that you considered what happened to you almost a fortune because he allowed you to be reborn. You were bullied at school and to feel stronger you fell into bad company. You paid for it, you became a drug dealer for a short period of your life. You were caught in the act of committing a crime, so you ended up in prison for a few days and then entrusted to social services.” The sentence, let’s face it, was anything but delicate, and this is why Roma was unable to let it go away, commenting with the other guys on what happened in prime time. «Did you hear what Alfonso said? There’s one word he shouldn’t have said. Absolutely not. We want to say it, okay. But it is such a strong word that it has never belonged to me. He could have said it in many other ways. It’s not that you shouldn’t have said it. It’s okay, I’m here on purpose. I’m not ashamed of anything, I am who I am also thanks to that. But there is a way and a way. I always think about it. At that moment I didn’t even react. If I had done so, I would have reacted too badly.” We agree with him: regardless of the fact that Roma was drafted to the Big Brother (also) for this reason, a bit of delicacy would have been a must, perhaps offering him the possibility of bringing out that side of his past at his own pace, without forcing his hand in this way.

Source: Vanity Fair

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