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Big Brother: all winners (and what they do today)

Memory now plays so many tricks on us that we shouldn’t be too surprised by our difficulty in remembering the winners of all the editions of the Big Brotherthe longest running reality show in Italy which, over the years, has changed the lives of many contestants – including Luca Argentero, Laura Torrisi, Eleonora Daniele, Filippo Bisciglia and Alessandro Tersigni – bringing all the others into oblivion. With ever-increasing times and a notoriety that was previously much more difficult to vanish overnight, one wonders what the Big Brother can give today in light of what he managed to give in the past to all those perfect strangers who hoped that their lives would change. We set out on their trail: here are all the contestants of the Endemol reality show and what they are up to today.

Cristina Plevani (2000)

Diego Ciminaghi / ipa-agency.net

She is the very first winner of the reality show in Italy, even though over the years she has decided to distance herself from the world of entertainment to lead a normal life. We remember her above all for her friendship with Pietro Taricone, whom she met inside her house, and for her cohabitation with Rocco Casalino.

Flavio Montrucchio (2001)

Vincenzo Landi / ipa-agency.net

After the triumph, Flavio Montrucchio studies and does a bit of everything: first as an actor in soap operas CentoVetrine and then host of hit shows on Discovery like First date. He is married to the former showgirl Alessia Mancini.

Floriana Secondi (2003)

Marcello Paternostro / ipa-agency.net

The Roman girl Floriana Secondi has often been a commentator on Barbara D’Urso’s programmes, but also (again) a competitor on a reality show: theIsland of the Famous in 2022.

Serena Garitta (2004)

FOTOPRESS / ipa-agency.net

After the victory, Serena Garitta became a television face, taking part in various programs as a correspondent. From Wick to Life livepassing through Sunday Live And Afternoon Five.

Jonathan Kashanian (2004)

Luca Sgrò / ipa-agency.net

Lover of fashion and style, after GF Jonathan Kashanian becomes a correspondent for very truecompetitor ofIsland of the Famous in 2018 and commentator.

Augusto De Megni (2006)

Mauro Consilvio / ipa-agency.net

After the victory, Augusto De Megni abandoned the world of entertainment and disappeared. His edition was particularly lucky, given that it also featured, among others, Filippo Bisciglia, Laura Torrisi and Francesca Cipriani.

Milo Coretti (2007)

Vincenzo Landi / ipa-agency.net

Even Milo Coretti, like Augusto De Megni, preferred to disappear and leave the cone of light unlike his many roommates: from Alessandro Tersigni to Melita Toniolo.

Mario Ferretti (2008)

After briefly hanging out on television, Mario Ferretti also retires. Today he runs a farm.

Ferdi Berisa (2009)

Elisa Locci / ipa-agency.net

At just 21 years old, Ferdi Berisa – of Albanian origins – wins the Big Brother later deciding to invest the sum won in the creation of House Eliman association that aims to provide help and support to people who find themselves in particularly difficult situations.

Mauro Marin (2009 – 2010)

Camilla Morandi / ipa-agency.net

Despite the gab and provocation opening the path to television for him, Mauro Marin decides to return to his old job as an innkeeper in his country of origin.

Andrea Cocco (2010 – 2011)

GENUARDI / ipa-agency.net

The model, after the GF, takes acting lessons by participating in several short films, even if his true love is cooking.

Sabrina Mbarek (2011 – 2012)

After miraculously surviving 13 nominations, Sabrina Mbarek wins the Big Brother although, shortly after, he decides to continue his studies, preferring to return to a normal life.

Mirco Patrilli (2014)

Before entering the Casa Mirco Patrilli he was a farmer, but the experience did not change him. In fact, immediately after his victory he decided to return to his old job as a farmer.

Federica Lepanto (2015)

After finding herself inside the controversial love triangle with Alessandro and Lidia, Federica Lepanto wins the Big Brother without too much surprise. Today she is a young nurse, but also a fashion influencer.

Alberto Mezzetti (2018)

Maurizio D’Avanzo / ipa-agency.net

They call him the Tarzan of Viterbo, but this doesn’t stop Alberto Mezzetti from winning the reality show. Before participating in various programs by Barbara D’Urso – who, at a certain point, would have vetoed him – he was the manager of a betting centre.

Martina Nasoni (2019)

Marco Provvisionato / ipa-agency.net

Martina Nasoni, in addition to having won the GF, is also the person to whom Irama dedicated the song The girl with the tin heart taken to Sanremo. After publishing a book in 2020 in which she talked about living with a chronic heart disease, today she is an influencer.

VIP Edition

Alessia Macari (2016)

Vincenzo Landi / ipa-agency.net

Famous for having played the role of the Ciociara in Next one more, Alessia Macari wins the first Big Brother VIP participating in new television programs including Selfiesto whom he turns to heal his fear of Barbies.

Daniele Bossari (2017)

Marco Provvisionato / ipa-agency.net

After dark years away from television, Daniele Bossari participates in the Big Brother VIP where he won by a landslide thanks to a positive path full of optimism. He is currently at the helm of the programs The boss of the paranormal And The boss codeboth on DMAX.

Walter Nudo (2018)

Maurizio D’Avanzo / ipa-agency.net

The actor, former boxer and former karateka uses the Big Brother VIP to return to the limelight, even if the glories of the past have never returned.

Paola Di Benedetto (2020)

Marco Provvisionato / IPA / ipa-agency.net

Presenter, model and radio speaker, Paola Di Benedetto convinces with her spontaneity and cheerfulness. She is currently an influencer and host ofExtra Factor on Sky.

Tommaso Zorzi (2020 – 2021)

Simone Comi / ipa-agency.net

After reaching fame thanks to Wealthit is with the Big Brother VIP that Tommaso Zorzi inaugurates his television career. From the role of commentator toIsland of the Famous to that of juror in the first two editions of Drag Race Italy until he became the host of programs such as Tailor Made on Discovery.

Jessica Selassie (2021 – 2022)

private/IPASocialIT / IPA / IPA / ipa-agency.net

The young princess of Ethiopia, after Big Brother VIP becomes the face and voice of Radio Cusano Campus and Cusano Italia Tv.

Nikita Pelizon (2022 – 2023)

Fotografo01 / ipa-agency.net

The model gets exposure to Beijing Express 2022 paired with Helena Prestes, even if it is at Big Brother VIP who stands out for his apparent calm and his smile.

Source: Vanity Fair

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