«Big Brother Vip 2021»: who are the competitors of the new edition, the official cast

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Few innovations, competitors to whom other programs have conferred the status of famous and a wide-ranging mechanism, aimed at protecting the presence of tenants in the tender. The Big Brother Vip, the new edition of which will debut on Canale 5 in the prime time of Monday 13 September, has enlisted new and old reality glories among its competitors. Manila Nazzaro agreed to participate in the show, and with her Tommaso Eletti, toyboy of the last Temptation Island. Then, Francesca Cipriani, Raffaella Fico, Carmen Russo and Katia Ricciarelli. Aldo Montano, fresh from the Olympics and from a first participation in the Fattoria, Miriana Trevisan e Soleil Rises. The cast, unveiled on the new issue of TV, Smiles and Songie collected in the gallery above, it was put together following the principle that has moved past editions: tenants known to a heterogeneous public, each equipped with a potential gossipparo load with which to fill the endless live shows. Hours and hours of transmission of which Alfonso Signorini has anticipated some news.

“The first”, he said, “is that we will be broadcast live 24 hours a day on Mediaset Extra and Mediaset Infinity, in addition to daytime on Canale 5. The second is theneed to be more flexible towards politically incorrect. I didn’t like being censors of certain behaviors, it seemed anachronistic to me. Now each case will be evaluated on the principle that it is not the word that offends, but the intention. It does not mean “free all”, but if a word in the context is not offensive, it should not be stigmatized. But blasphemies will always be punished. The third novelty, strongly desired by me, is the presence of the opinion leaders of the people: we will have two “big sisters”, wonderful ladies who could be my mother and my aunt, terrible gossip “, promised the host, whose reality show will enjoy two weekly appointments, on Monday and Friday evening.

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