«Big Brother Vip 6»: Joe Squillo shows up in niqab. It is controversy

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“Even in such a moment of joy and lightness, it is clear that we women, and men too, cannot forget and create acts of solidarity for the sisters of Kabul.” That is how Joe Squillo motivates her choice to wear the niqab during the third episode of Big Brother Vip, in order to raise awareness among viewers about the current situation of women in Afghanistan. «Brava!» Praises Alfonso Signorini. «Even if we are al Big Brother, we can speak of women’s freedom. Great solidarity, for what little we can do. We are there and we fight alongside them ».

From that moment on, however, the conversation between the conductor and the competitor takes another turn, decidedly little appreciated by users on social networks and not very appreciable. “But now, Jo, you can also take it off, huh. I can’t see you the whole episode like that, you also make a certain impression on me, I mean … »says, in fact, the landlord to Ringing. “But how do they manage to live like this?” she adds herself before taking off her niqab.

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In short, the intentions could have been noble, but the way in which the matter was handled raised many doubts. It is obvious that the Big Brother Vip can also talk about more delicate topics, perhaps by bringing the entertainment public closer to complex issues that deserve reflection, but we try never to forget the extent and respect with which this gap is possible.

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