«Big Brother Vip 6»: the controversy over Tommaso Eletti and the new regulation

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The sixth edition of the Big Brother Vip it has not yet begun and the controversy is already breaking down. It will last nine months, journalists complain that, after the final, they will not be able to grant themselves even a leave of absence as for maternity. The two commentators Sonia Bruganelli and Adriana Volpe are already at loggerheads, prophesy those who criticize trash so much and then rub their hands at the thought that two women could give a hell of a lot live. Tommaso Eletti as a competitor is one of the most questionable choices the production has made, we add that, so many others, have found the idea of ​​recruiting a boy who certainly did not shine for acumen and sensitivity on television quite strange.

For those who missed the previous episodes, Tommaso Eletti was one of the protagonists of the last edition of Temptation Island, also aired on Canale 5 last summer: he was the youngest boyfriend, the one who came out on the second episode after losing his mind at the thought that his partner was wearing a bikini when before leaving she had promised him that he would only show off one-piece swimsuits.

Beyond the fact that today it takes very little to receive the “vip” label, it is clear that the Big Brother Vip has chosen to bet on Elected for one simple reason: hope that, with its impetuousness and its scarcity of means, it can somehow feed the dynamics and, therefore, the controversy. Leaving aside for a moment the fact that reality shows always prove to be very ready to summon trash names only to reject them as soon as – who would have thought – they give trash moments, in the case of Eletti the controversy is above all limited to the fact that it is a bad behavioral example both for men who see women as possession and for women who may see in him the exasperations of pathological jealousy they may have suffered in the past. The journalist Wild Lucarelli wrote about him: “A character who stood out for sexism, pathological jealousy, sense of control, tendency to demean and manipulate his girlfriend, rewarded with a TV program and crowned “vip”. Then please, TV curtains on “women treat each other well” », and he’s certainly not completely wrong.

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However, what the conductor said is added to the discussion on his participation Alfonso Signorini a I smiled regarding the regulations of this sixth edition of the program: expulsions will always be valid for blasphemies, but more observant when it comes to racist, homophobic or sexist epithets. “We will be more flexible towards politically incorrect. I didn’t like being censors of certain behaviors, it seemed anachronistic to me. Now, each case will be evaluated on the principle that it is not the word that offends, but the intention. It does not mean “free all”, but if a word in the context is not offensive, it should not be stigmatized. But blasphemies will always be punished ”. We could discuss for a long time what is more anachronistic and censorious between an expulsion of intention and an expulsion of the belly but, above all, it is evident that this new edition of the Big Brother Vip, which will start on Monday 13 September in prime time on Canale 5 with a cast of 22 elements, has already entered the fifth.

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