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Big Brother Vip 7, Oriana Marzoli takes a step back with Antonino Spinalbese: «He has anxiety and cries. She broke me”

Big Brother Vip 7, Oriana Marzoli takes a step back with Antonino Spinalbese: «He has anxiety and cries.  She broke me”

Barely a week after the night of passion that set the Casa del Big Brother VIP it seems that between Oriana Marzoli and Antonino Spinalbese the air is colder than ever. After the approach under the blankets recorded by the infrared cameras and bounced a bit everywhere between sites and social networks, in fact, tensions began between the two competitors, with the Venezuelan model on a war footing against some attitudes of the hair stylist towards her. “Last night she was crying. She told me that we would talk tomorrow, that she would tell me today. Did she say anything to you? Because she didn’t tell me anything », Oriana Marzoli asked Antonella Fiordelisi, however, not getting a satisfactory answer.


“When we were in bed she told me she felt anxious again. So I turned around because she pissed me off. He touches my back, I turn around and says to me: ‘Look I’m crying’. She takes my hand and wipes away her tears», Marzoli reported, doubting, however, the sincerity of the hug Antonino gave her shortly after. «Her embrace doesn’t seem real, natural to me. Since he let me know he’s scared, if he hugs me, I don’t feel like a real hug. I like it aesthetically, but with me it has taken many steps backwards. She doesn’t even look at me when she speaks. I’m getting a little bored. It’s not that I want to be her girlfriend, but that’s wrong. I like her, but she’s boring me.’


Needless to say, this turnaround has begun to entice both the audience at home and the production of the Big Brother VIP, eager to understand how to move in order to ride the case – even if, in the specific case of Antonino Spinalbese, the situation is particularly complicated given the indirect involvement of Belén Rodriguez and little Luna Marì -. At the moment, the only couple that seems solid and steadfast inside the House is the one formed by Edoardo Donnamaria and Antonella Fiordelisi, so close-knit as to go against all those who doubt their feelings starting with Daniele Dal Moro, who admitted he couldn’t get excited about a mysterious emergency hospitalization in the middle of the night.


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