Big Brother Vip 7: the “scandal” of the kiss by Attilio Romita

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It is since he walked in the door of the house of Big Brother Vip that the public looks at Attilio Romita with a mixture of reverence and curiosity, mindful of when he was conducting Tg1 with the cold and imperious air of any self-respecting bust. Over the weeks, the reporter has shown that he does not want to take himself too seriouslyshowing, at the age of 69, his will to enjoy life and the program without bringing with him the arrogance and reluctance that would have immediately portrayed him as unpleasant and snobbish – something that, instead, had happened to Pierluigi Diaco when, a few minutes before he launched from the helicopter ofIsland of the Famoushe said live that he was ready “to dive into the sea of ​​national popular TV” –. On the contrary Romita, al Big Brother Viphas fun like never before. Along with releases that have sometimes led the director to detach on him – think, for example, of his judgment on Queen Elizabeth -, the journalist participates in the discussions with involvement, not holding back when it comes to playing and having a laugh.

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That is why, when the tenants of the House have decided to do spin the bottle, Attilio Romita did not have it repeated twice, exchanging a passionate kiss with Giaele De Donà when his turn came. A goliardic curtain that split the audience between those who appreciate the fact that Romita launches into challenges of this type, very far from him, and those who believe that the Big Brother Vip the reporter is doing more damage than anything else. Among them there is also Mimma Fusco, the journalist’s companion who, during the 7 November episode aired on Canale 5, reiterated his love for Attilio, underlining, however, that he did not like some of his behaviors, including the phantom kiss with Giaele. “Are not you ashamed? How disgusting”, was the hot comment posted on Instagram by Fusco a few moments after the incident.

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In the letter that Romita received during the episode, Mimma said: «I didn’t want to appear in the program, but I still wanted to write to you. I love you and I miss you so much, I want you to keep in mind that I am there and I still want you. In your life you have always taken giant steps, indeed leaps, to become the professional of thickness that you are. There is nothing wrong if putting yourself in the game is lighter “, were the words of Fusco, evidently in collision with most of the competitors of the Big Brother Vip convinced that Romita, towards them, feel superior. What the kids forget is that we’re talking about a nearly seventy-year-old professional who has nothing more to prove and who acts exactly as it turns him. And this, in our opinion, for those who agree to participate in a reality show like the Big Brother Vipit is sacrosanct.


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