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Big Brother Vip 8: also Federico Rossi among the competitors?

The first thing that was clear to everyone when preparations for the new edition of the Big Brother VIP was that this year we would find gods high-end competitors, far from the most extreme drifts of trash. In fact, Pier Silvio Berlusconi’s idea for this new season has not left room for misunderstandings: away with the most unpresentable names and away with all those dynamics capable of making both the public and the press turn up their noses to try to bring back the Big Brother VIP within calmer borders and more marked contours. The intuition of scale the duration monster of the last three editions and to bet on a mixed cast of vips and nips it is a courageous attempt to propose a cleaner and lighter reality show, even if it is obvious that the choice of competitors to hire plays a decisive role in this process.

Romano Nunziato / ipa-agency.net

The VIP ones, anticipated by TvBlog in unsuspecting times, they seemed already closed. Let’s talk about the sample Alex Schwazer; of the journalist Giampiero Mughini; of the former professor de The legacy and competitor of Such and which show Samira Lui; of the actress Beatrice Luzziknown for playing the role Eva Bonelli in the soap Live; of the actor Cyrus Petronefamous for playing Pea in the film Gomorrah but also for giving life to a very poignant reconciliation a Temptation Island Vip; of the singer Cornflower; of the Venezuelan actress of Topaz Greece Colmenaresformer competitor ofIsland of the Famousand of the actor Massimiliano Varrese, who took part among others in The beauty of women, Carabinieri And The blood and the rose.

To them, however, as he relates Dagospyanother name could be added during the work: that of Federico Rossi, the former member of the duo Benji and Faith who with the Big Brother Vip can boast a special relationship, since his ex-girlfriend Paula of Benedict not only did he participate in the reality show, but he also won it – it was 2020, the year of the pandemic -. Confirmation, of course, is not there yet, but it would certainly be interesting to see a successful artist get involved crossing the Red Door of the House to find out what effect it would have on the younger audience, the one who followed him on stage and who could also become enthralled by glimpses of his daily life inside the Big Brother VIP. We’ll see.

Source: Vanity Fair

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