Big Brother Vip, the emotional collapse of Maria Teresa Ruta


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An emotional breakdown followed a trivial argument. Maria Teresa Route, who last night he argued with Cecilia Capriotti due to an unwelcome nomination, she found herself in the throes of a collapse. “I’m broken,” the woman shouted inside the house Big Brother Vip. «Enough, if you don’t want me, send me home. If I dance I annoy, if I sleep I annoy », she cried then, exasperated by a joke from Capriotti, according to which Ruta would have snored loudly. “I’m afraid to sleep, I’m ugly in the clips,” she continued, before being joined and comforted by Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando.

The two tried to quell Ruta, who in his outburst swore he wanted to “sleep in the washing machine”, because “he is tired of hearing people talk behind my back”. “Enough, I can’t take it anymore,” he added, before the attack lost its violence and his daughter, Guenda, intervened via social media. “I don’t worry too much, when he argued with my teenage me it was like that. You can’t please everyone, I hope that after the outburst he can come back stronger than beforea, ”the girl said through her Instagram Stories.

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