Bild: China closes airspace to Russian aircraft

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Flight opportunities for Russians are becoming less and less. First the West closed its airspace, and now apparently the East is following suit, according to Bild.

China closes its airspace to Russian Boeing and Airbus aircraft. This is due to the illegal re-registration of aircraft by the Kremlin.

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This was first reported by the Russian news agency “RBK”. China had asked Russian airlines to prove that aircraft flying to China were no longer registered abroad.

The problem was that the airlines were not able to produce such a document. This results in the revocation of the landing and overflight permits for these Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

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It is recalled that after the start of Putin’s bloody war of aggression against Ukraine, the West imposed harsh sanctions – including a ban on the delivery of civilian aircraft and spare parts to Russia.

Western leasing companies have canceled their contracts with Russian airlines. The Bermuda – where most of them were registered – withdrew their licenses. As a result, the aircraft no longer have a valid registration, they are not allowed to take off.

But Russia did not return the planes, it created its own laws. In this way, the Kremlin regime allowed Aeroflot and S7, among others, to transport the imported aircraft to a Russian registry and insure them in Russia. De facto: illegal, internationally banned!

China’s problem for Russia: the aircraft were never declassified abroad, only their classification was withdrawn.

Source: Capital

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