Bill Clinton: Remains in hospital – “She’s fine,” says Biden

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The former president of the USA Bill Clinton remains hospitalized in a California hospital where recovers from an infection, not related to coronavirus, three days after its introduction.

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The 75-year-old Clinton was admitted to Irvine University Medical Center on Tuesday night to be treated for the infection, according to his spokesman. Angel Ourenia.

Clinton is “recovering,” Urenia said. «Are well“He jokes and charms the hospital staff,” Ourenia told Reuters yesterday.

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Bill Clinton was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of fatigue and has been given intravenously both antibiotics as well as liquids, his doctors reported.

CNN reported that his doctors believe that Clinton had one urinary tract infection, which extended to the circulatory system.

The wife Hillary Clinton was in the hospital last night and was later seen leaving.

Joe Biden: He seems to be doing well

The President of the United States Joe Biden For his part, he said that Bill Clinton’s health seems to be going well.

“I know you are asking about President Clinton,” Biden, who plans to speak with Clinton later today during an event to present his financial agenda, said Friday. «It looks like, God willing, she is doing well“, write down.

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