Bill Zan the day after: the battle for rights continues

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There had been a lot of posts from famous and non-famous people who had replied to call-to-action di Vanity Fair to ask for the approval of the bill proposed by Alessandro Zan. Just as many reacted to the sinking of the bill in the Senate. If within the center-left parties the search is open to those who did not vote and a large part of the center-right continues in the applause of yesterday in the classroom, those who are outside politics see above all the party games that have led to the blocking of a law that in this legislature will not see light.

“Italy proves for the umpteenth time to be an uncivilized country,” he says in his stories Emma Marrone, “I am sorry for all the people who will not be protected and protected. In 2021, instead of taking a step forward, we are returning to the Middle Ages ». Luciana Littizzetto adds to the dose: “The hatred has won.”

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«I found the applause and he made fun of him with miserable expressions, unworthy of a people that defines itself as democratic and civil. Human rights belong to everyone and it was really painful to watch that spectacle. Some parties call themselves liberal but I guess they are not at all, “he said Paola Turci, interviewed by the newspaper The print. “There is an increasingly divided and crumbling center left; this could have been their battle and they did little. I think the secret vote tells us this and the definition of liberal parties is not exact because there are too many different souls inside ».

It is the applause from the center-right that does the most harm, but there are those who also look inside the center-left. Fedez accuses Matteo Renzi. «He proclaimed himself a champion of civil rights and is it the same one who seems to have flown to Saudi Arabia today while the Zan Bill was ditched? To celebrate free speech, do we organize a scrabble match with Kim Jong-un? Great timing. Anyway all good ”. Without words, Annalisa says to herself.

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Per Marco Mengoni “It is not politics when one takes sides against fundamental rights. It is not political when one applauds a defeat for society. I feel a deep sense of shame ». “I thought it was the Senate but it was the Olimpico,” he writes on Twitter Antonella Clerici.

In the center-right it was expressed in favor Alessandra Mussolini. He voted in favor Elio Vito in Forza Italia, who left one of his positions precisely as a result of the result.

Francesca Pascale, the former partner of Silvio Berlusconi: «I feel deep sadness. The left that fails, the homophobic and violent right that loses everywhere when the Italians decide but which, unfortunately, continues to dictate the political line. Today some senators chuckled and applauded their triumph, almost as if it were a testament to manhood. I found them embarrassing and above all mocking on the skin of the victims of homophobia ».

The thought of many, however, is the one summarized by Emma Bonino. “The setback of the Zan Bill will not stop our battle for rights.” Alessandro Zan reinforces this: «The stadium applause of the right in the Senate, which rejoices at having ditched a law on rights with the shame of the secret vote, has gone around the world, delivering a backward image of Italy. The Democratic Party will continue this battle with greater force, starting with the young, for a fairer country “.


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