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Billie Eilish debuts as an actress in “Swarm”, a Prime Video series

Billie Eilish should make her debut as an actress in the series “Swarm “, created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, scheduled for release on Friday (17th) on Prime Video.

In February, rumors that the artist would play Eva in the plot began to appear on social networks, but without much information about the character.

This Thursday (16), the first trailer was made available with images of Billie Eilish in the cast.

This Tuesday (14), the singer attended the premiere of the series in Los Angeles, California (USA).

“Swarm” is a thriller that accompanies Dre (Dominique Fishback ), a young woman whose obsession with pop star Ni’Jah takes a dark turn. Marisa (Chloe Bailey ) worries about her sister’s fixation on the artist, who has a fan base called “The Swarm”.

Although the series does not tell a true story, it is based on the culture stana term used to define an “enthusiastic and devoted fan” – who can become increasingly obsessed with their idols.

Assumptions indicate that the character Ni’Jah, pop star of the series, is based on Beyonce , since the workmanship and aesthetics are similar. In addition, the singer’s fan base is called “Beyhive”, something like “hive” in Portuguese, while “Swarm” is translated as “swarm”.

With just seven episodes, each about 30 minutes long, “Swarm” addresses not only the toxicity of fandoms these days, but also how obsession with an idol can be fatal.

Source: CNN Brasil

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