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Billie Eilish explained why she only wore baggy clothing for years

One of the dresses that we will never forget of this edition of the Met Gala is certainly the one worn by Billie Eilish. An outfit, peach pink with a wide tulle skirt, which was inspired by the old woman’s style Hollywood, especially a Marilyn Monroe and her dress of the ceremony of the Oscar from 1951. But this is not a simple tribute because this red carpet for the singer marked a definitive turning point in her look as well as the realization of a dream.: «I’ve always imagined wearing something similar – he said in an interview -. As a child it was my absolute favorite thing and I had so many clothes that I would wear them every day ».

It sounds a bit strange to hear these words, especially if we think about the look that made Billie Eilish an icon: loose dresses, gender fluid style and flashy accessories, such as bicolor hair and nails embellished with details. Something that has been widely copied and imitated and, now, every time we see someone with a pair of baggy jeans on, we know it’s thanks to the singer.

In a few years there has been a sudden change in her clothing, but how and why did it happen? To explain it is the same interpreter of Bad Guy who underlined how much his “baggy style” was a sort of defense weapon against the insecurities he harbored towards his body. “Looking in the mirror created deep insecurities in me. The image of my body didn’t put me at ease, so I stopped wearing those clothes I liked so much “. The dresses, the sweaters, the baggy trousers allowed her to be more confident especially because “they prevent others from judging my body and my forms”.

However, now things have changed and he decided to show a new part of himself. “I have developed new convictions, I have finally learned to accept myself and now is the right time to show myself how I want”, he added. In truth, this “debut” should have been about a year ago – same dress, but different color, paired with her acid green hair – but the Covid prevented the entire event from being organized. In the meantime, the cover story for Vogue Usa in which she showed off her new look: platinum blonde hair and the sexiest and most snug dresses.

Now, with the Met, this process of change ends and a new chapter in Billie’s life opens with less insecurities and more awareness about beauty and her body. We can’t wait to see the next red carpets.

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