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Billie Eilish was also a victim of ghosting: “I knew him for years, never heard from him again”

It is said ghosting the practice of stop abruptly any kind of communication with someone you have a form of bond, without giving him any kind of explanation. A psychological violence which – especially today, in the age of perennial connections – often occurs and of which it has even been a victim Billie Eilish. “It was crazy,” the American singer said into the microphones Miss Me?the podcast of Lily Allen And Miquita Oliver.

«From that day on, he never sent me again not even a message» added Billie, recalling the episode last December. «I thought he was literally dead. He was a person who I had known for years and on the phone, one day, we had made an appointment for 3pm. I never heard from him again, I couldn’t believe it”, underlined the star born in 2001, who later saw him dating someone else. «I didn’t know people did that».

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With extreme sincerity, the Californian artist – who rose to prominence in 2015, at just 14 years old, with the single Ocean Eyes – he also told how popularity has negatively affected on his social relationships. «When I became famous I lost all my friends, I couldn’t relate to anyone. It was hard». The turning point two and a half years ago, on his twentieth birthday: «Everyone present was people I had hired».

An awareness that has reached fulfillment when one of his employees, after having resigned, he stopped answering her. «It was the worst thing that ever happened to me. She made me realize that for them it was a job and that if they quit their jobs they didn’t want to see me again», concluded the Oscar winner, also revealing that he had developed «abandonment issues». “I’m very scared of the loss.”

Having focused the situation, has therefore pushed it to a transformation over the last few years. «I got closer again to many old friends, I have reconnected and now I have my own company. Which is a fantastic thing, when you think about it I feel like crying from happiness.”

Source: Vanity Fair

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