Binance hires former IRS employees

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Binance, the largest crypto exchange by trading volume, is hiring former IRS employees Tigran Gambaryan and Matthew Price.

Tigran Ghambaryan will become Vice President for Global Intelligence. At Binance, he will focus on internal and external investigations and prevention of threats and financial losses. The crypto exchange writes that Gambaryan will continue to work closely with law enforcement agencies and regulators.

Previously, he was a special agent for the IRS, where he investigated cases related to national security, terrorist financing, identity theft, tax evasion and violations of bank secrecy laws. Gambaryan led investigations on one of the largest darknet marketplaces by turnover, Silk Road, bitcoin exchange BTC-e and crypto exchange Mt.Gox.

Photo: Binance

Matthew Price is best known for investigating Helix, a bitcoin mixer that laundered $ 300 million in cryptocurrency. Price has worked in law enforcement and intelligence for over 15 years, leading investigations into cybercrime, money laundering and financial crime, and has worked to address terrorism and counterintelligence threats. At Binance, his focus will be on platform crime prevention.

Photo: Binance

A month ago, Binance hired former U.S. government criminal investigator Greg Monahan, who worked for the IRS for several years. In September, the crypto exchange also introduced a new head of audit and investigation: Niels Andersen-Red, who worked in the dakarweb department at Europol.

The active hunting of cyber intelligence and government officials may be related to problems between Binance and regulators in several countries. Earlier, the crypto exchange had to suspend operations in Singapore and curtail trading in crypto derivatives in Australia.

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