Binance Launchpad will host a new token sale

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Binance cryptocurrency exchange will conduct a Voxies (VOXEL) token sale for users who subscribe to Launchpad. The exchange announced this in its blog.

According to the description, Voxies is a turn-based tactical role-playing game on the blockchain. With the ERC-20 VOXEL token, players will be able to buy in-game goods, NFTs and other collectibles. A total of 300 million VOXELs will be produced. For the sale through Launchpad, the developers have allocated 10% of the offer (30 million VOXEL).

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At the same time, according to the distribution of tokens, more than 22% of the total supply will go to the developers of the project in January 2026. This is the largest percentage distribution of tokens, second only to the total supply of tokens in game mode. The developers of the project will spend a total of 10% of the supply on consultants, airdrops and private sales by 2026.

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Signing up for the VOXEL token sale for Launchpad subscribers will begin on December 7th at 03:00 UTC. The actual distribution of tokens will take place on December 14 at 13:00 Moscow time. The price of one 1 VOXEL will be $ 0.2 in BNB tokens.

Drain the token while it’s hot

This is not Binance’s first token sale via Launchpad. Earlier, the exchange sold tokens of the FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO) project, which soon after the start of trading fell in price by more than 40%. At the time of this writing, the price of PORTO is in the red from the maximum by 71.4%. The sales of the last 6 projects followed a similar pattern:

  • LAZIO: Binance Sale ends on October 21st. Pump on December 5 to $ 8.3. The price at the time of this writing is in the red by 83.7%.
  • BETA: Binance Sale ends on October 8th. Pump on October 9 to $ 4.1. The price at the time of this writing is 84.1% in the red.
  • C98: Binance Sale ends on July 23rd. Pump on August 25 to $ 6.1. The price at the time of this writing is 68.3% in the red.
  • BAR: Binance Sale ends on April 21st. Pump on March 15 to $ 53.6. The price at the time of this writing is 88.1% in the red.
  • TKO: Binance Sale ends on April 7th. Pump on May 3 to $ 4.9. The price at the time of this writing is in the red by 74.1%.
  • LINA: Binance Sale ends on March 18th. Pump on March 18 to $ 0.2. The price at the time of this writing is 89% in the red.

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