The support service of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange told that the exchange will allow customers from Russia to withdraw their assets if the exchange leaves the Russian market.

At the same time, Binance claims that the exchange is operating normally and does not currently plan to leave Russia.

“At the moment, no such action is planned. In any case, in such a situation, the opportunity to withdraw funds will be provided,” Binance support said. “There are no changes in the provision of services to users at this time and the funds are safe.”

At the end of August, Binance banned its clients from Russia from transactions with any currency other than the ruble through the P2P service. Binance users from Russia who are outside the country “can continue to trade through the P2P service with all fiat currencies except RUB, EUR, USD and UAH.”

Recently it became known that Binance has found a way to work with clients from countries in which its activities are prohibited – the platform will transfer users to services in other jurisdictions.