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Binance will host airdrops for BNB HODLers

Crypto exchange Binance has announced a HODLer Airdrops program for BNB holders, which will provide early access to tokens preparing to list on the platform.

“Binance is committed to fostering a healthy and sustainable market environment by always putting the interests of users first. We are taking a leading role in attracting small and medium-sized projects with strong fundamentals, large circulating supply and strong communities,” the announcement says.

To participate in the campaign, you must subscribe to the Simple Earn program for BNB.

Users must also have verification KYC and be in a “suitable” jurisdiction. The exchange did not provide a specific list of countries.

Binance announced HODLer Airdrops early, giving customers time to prepare for potential rewards that will be distributed based on balance snapshots:

“Snapshots of user accounts and the shared pool will be taken multiple times at any given time every hour to get an average of the Simple Earn products. Binance will use historical snapshots of balances at random periods following the announcement to calculate rewards.”

The company clarified that participation in HODLer Airdrops does not affect the standard benefits of holding BNB, such as the right to participate in Launchpool and Megadrop.

Binance is now accepting applications from projects that are willing to participate in its new rewards program.

Previously, the largest crypto exchange by trading volume promised to distribute 10.5 million ZK among 52,500 users amid “community concerns about the distribution of coins” of the ZKsync L2 network.

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