Jennifer Hicks, who served as Binance’s top counterterrorism executive and previously worked at Chainalysis and the US Navy, has left the cryptocurrency exchange, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Jennifer Hicks left Binance at a critical time for the crypto industry. The day before, reports emerged claiming that Hamas and other militant groups were using cryptocurrency to amass funds before attacking Israel. Following this, US lawmakers demanded from President Joe Biden access to information about the cryptocurrency’s potential involvement in Hamas operations.

The departure of Binance’s counter-terrorism specialist adds a new layer to the ongoing debate about the effectiveness of Know Your Customer (KYC) technology and counter-terrorism measures, especially for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Binance has faced a string of executive departures amid litigation in Europe and the United States. Recently, the general director of the French division of the exchange, Stephanie Cabossioras, announced that she was leaving her post. Earlier, two top managers responsible for the CIS left the Binance cryptocurrency exchange: Binance’s director in Eastern Europe, Gleb Kostarev, and director in the CIS, Vladimir Smerkis, announced their departure.