Bishop resigned to live with a writer of “satanic” novels

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When the Spaniard bishop Javier Nobel resigned a month ago, citing “personal reasons”, the Spanish Roman Catholic Church announced his expulsion from the body of the clergy without giving further explanations.

About four weeks passed and finally Spanish The media managed to find the cause of the “evil”: the 52-year-old’s love for a woman. And not the simple love, but the one towards a woman with, seemingly diametrically opposed religious perceptions from him.

Nobel, Bishop of Solzona in Catalonia, was an extremely conservative priest who supported the so-called “Conversion therapy for homosexuals” and performed most exorcisms on supposedly demon-possessed people.

But when he was found, unknown how, on his way, the 38-year-old psychologist Sylvia Cabagiol, divorced and mother of two, she did not think much about it: she “hung up” his races and went to live with her.

Of course, Kabayol, in addition to being a psychologist and sexologist, is something else: she writes science fiction romance novels with a fairly brave dose of Satanism, reports extensive BBC reporting.

The characters in her books are people possessed by Satan, such as in her latest novel, «The Hell in Gabriel’s lust» [Η κόλαση της λαγνείας του Γαβριήλ], which refers to “prisons, psychopathy, religious sects and has plenty of sex scenes that would make even the most progressive reader blush.

In another of her books, “Amnesia” trilogy, in the summary of the back cover it promises to its reader “a journey into sadism, madness and lust and a struggle between good and evil, God and Satan”.

The “star” who became a “black sheep”

Nobel was considered a big “star” in the ranks of the Catholic Church in Spain as in 2010 at just 41 years old, he became the youngest bishop in the country.

However, his rise came to an abrupt halt in 2013, when Pope Francis was elected head of the Catholic Church, who proved to be more open-minded than his predecessor, Pope Benedict, and therefore “froze” several priests such as Nobel, who described euthanasia and abortion as “genocide.”

However, the “black sheep” of the Spanish church has already moved on with his life: the couple already lives together in the city of Manresa, 50 km away from Solzona, while the former bishop is currently looking for work in the Barcelona area as an agronomist, which is the subject of his studies.

However, in conclusion, the Spanish media argue that this case brings back to the fore the issue of celibacy within the Church and whether it is possible to change, in the interest of all parties involved.

The case of the priest Ricardo Cecobelli

The case of the Spanish bishop is not the first where a priest… sinned in the eyes of a woman, as months ago the same thing happened in the diocese of Todi in central Italy.

Don Ricardo Cecobelli, a priest of the diocese, asked his superior at the end of the service to “hang” his priestly robe.

“My heart is in love, although I have never had the opportunity to betray the vows I have made. I will try to live this love “, Don Ricardo said to his head bishop Gualtiero Sizismodi and in front of dozens of believers, in the service that took place last May in this small Italian city.

The priest, as expected, was relieved of his duties and after a few days became a layman again.

“I am really grateful to Don Ricardo for the sincere services he has given me so far. “Before anything else, I extend my most sincere wishes to him that this choice, which was made with complete freedom, as he told me, to ensure his peace and tranquility,” said the bishop, emphasizing that he is “happy with this choice and how he was tortured inside him for a long time “.

Don Ricardo explained that the choice was difficult for one who loves and respects the Church. “I can not continue to be consistent, transparent and fair with her, as I have been until today,” he said in a statement.

As Corriere della Sera writes, everyone knew it in this town near Perugia. “Information was circulating that Don Ricardo was seen with a woman.”

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