Bitcoin can be bought at Walmart stores

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Walmart, the world’s largest supermarket chain, has begun offering customers the opportunity to buy bitcoin at dozens of U.S. retail outlets. CoiDesk writes about this, noting that the publication was personally convinced of the service’s performance.

Bitcoin is sold using Coinstar terminals. Previously, Walmart did not make official announcements of cooperation with the operator.

“Coinstar has partnered with CoinMe to launch a pilot program to allow customers to buy bitcoin with cash,” said Molly Blakeman, director of communications at Walmart. “There are 200 Coinstar terminals in Walmart stores in the US.”

After depositing money in such a terminal, the client receives a paper coupon with a code. Then he needs to register on the Coinme wallet website and go through verification. The terminal charges a commission of 4% for buying bitcoin plus 7% for exchanging cash, according to the Coinstar website.

Walmart decided not to publicly announce the project after a fake press release was circulated on behalf of the company in September on the addition of support for Litecoin, the source said.

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