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Bitcoin halving took place

On April 20, the fourth halving took place on the Bitcoin network at an altitude of #840,000. The reward for a found block has been reduced from 6.25 BTC to 3.125 BTC.

The block was mined by the ViaBTC pool.

Halving is a halving of the reward to miners for adding a new block to the blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto programmed an event in the Bitcoin network every 210,000 blocks, that is, once every four years – until the moment when the emission of cryptocurrency ends with the extraction of 21 million coins (presumably in 2140).

The difficulty of mining the first cryptocurrency was 86.39 T.

The price of Bitcoin, which fell to $60,000 on the morning of April 19, did not show significant dynamics. At the time of writing, digital gold is trading at $64,049.

Economist and author of the cult book β€œThe Bitcoin Standard” Seyfedin Ammous congratulated the crypto community on the halving.

β€œFor the first time in history, people have a form of money whose supply increases by less than 1% per year. […] The harder money is, the slower its supply increases, the better it holds value into the future and allows you to plan for and secure the future,” he wrote.

Source: Cryptocurrency

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