Bitcoin hashrate reaches 179.4 Eh / s amid the return of old ASIC miners to the network

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The total computing power of the Bitcoin network has reached another all-time high of 179.4 Eh / s amid rising BTC prices and the connection of old ASIC miners to the network and the supply of new models.

According to CoinMetrics, the current average hash rate of the Bitcoin network is 179.4 Eh / s. Ethan Vera, CTO of North American mining company Luxor, noted that the new record hash rate came at a time of a shortage of semiconductor chips for ASIC miners, as well as a shortage of devices for mining cryptocurrency in both the primary and secondary markets.

“The rise in the price of bitcoin, coupled with a shortage of ASIC miners, has led the mining economy to favor cryptocurrency mining companies. Many miners now operate with a margin of over 85%, ”he said.

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“Miners are trying to get their hands on every possible device, and even ASIC miners released in 2014 are now making a profit. Luxor customers have connected all their devices to the network, including the oldest models. ”

Bitcoin’s hashrate growth is also driven in part by the fact that previously planned ASIC miner shipments have finally reached their North American buyers and are online.

The BTC mining industry has experienced explosive growth over the past year as major players continue to buy large batches of cryptocurrency mining devices. Recently, the Chinese company ZJBC announced that it will buy ASIC miners for $ 155 million, and the mining company Bitfarms has acquired another 48,000 ASIC miners.

We also recall that on the morning of April 2, another recalculation of the difficulty of bitcoin mining took place, after which it grew by 5.82% and for the first time in history exceeded 23.14 trillion. Bitcoin is currently trading just above $ 58,000, showing a slight decline over the past day.

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