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Bitcoin Miners Earned $ 52.3 Million Per Day.this Is A Record

Analyst firm Glassnode said in its weekly report that Bitcoin miners’ revenue reached a record $ 52.3 million per day ($ 366.1 million per week). The document notes that the miners managed to increase their income, despite the halving of the reward for the mined block, which occurred in May last year. After the third halving in the history of the main cryptocurrency, the reward for the mined block was reduced from 12.5 to 6.25 bitcoins, writes RBC Crypto.

Glassnode notes that immediately after the last halving, miners earned about 1,000 bitcoins per day. Transaction fees were only a tenth of that amount. Now the activity of transactions originating from crypto-exchanges is growing, and the number of such commissions is already about 30% of the total volume.

In February, miners have already managed to earn $ 354.4 million in a week and break the 2017 record. At that time, commission fees were about 15% of income. January and February were record-breaking for miners who immediately reinvested all profits back into the business, said Ethan Vera, co-founder of Seattle-based mining company Luxor Technology.

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