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BitMEX Researchers Find BTC Double Spend Microtransaction

BitMEX Research has identified an alleged double-spend transaction of 0.00062063 BTC (about $ 21) at block 666,833. This was likely by accident.

The ForkMonitor BitMEX service reported on January 20 that “several blocks were created in Bitcoin at block height 666 833”, as a result of which one of the chains won, the rest of the blocks were lost. A double spend transaction occurred while undoing an “old” block. Given the insignificance of the amount, most likely it was accidental due to a technical “overlap” in some service.

BitMEX Research writes on Twitter:

“Today, at the height of Bitcoin block 666 833, there is a ‘stale block’: SlushPool beat F2Pool in the bounty race. It looks like there was a small double spend of about 0.00062063 BTC ($ 21). ”

After an hour BitMEX Research carried
orphan block to a transaction with the Replace-By-Fee (RBF) function, in which an unconfirmed transaction is replaced with a new transfer with a higher commission. However, ForkMonitor later updated the information: “No transactions using RBF were found.”

[Прим.ред.: Orphan — добытый и подтвержденный блок, не включенный в основную цепочку. Орфаны создаются при условно одновременной трансляции двумя или более майнерами действительных блоков в сеть. Другое название для таких блоков – «устаревшие блоки» (stale blocks)].

Twitter user Eli Afram noted
“Ambiguous messages” from BitMEX Research. He stated that the double-spend transaction should be a concern despite its low cost:

“It looks like a double spend transaction actually took place in Bitcoin. Not RBF, but actual double spending. Only $ 22 … but it could have been $ 22 million. ”

In July, ZenGo discovered a double spending vulnerability in some cryptocurrency wallets. Wallet manufacturers have taken steps to address the vulnerability. However, some researchers have warned that the vulnerability may be inherent in transactions with RBF.

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