European crypto investment platform Bitpanda has partnered with exchange Coinbase to help European banks offer cryptocurrencies to their customers.

Despite the crisis in cryptocurrencies, banks still want to be able to offer cryptocurrencies to customers, according to BitPanda COO Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad.

He added that this is especially true in Europe now that the European Parliament has approved the EU Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill (MiCA), which sets clear standards for the industry and protects crypto investors.

As part of the partnership, Coinbase will use the Bitpanda Technology Solutions infrastructure to connect directly to banks and fintech companies.

“Coinbase doesn’t yet have the level of infrastructure that can help partners integrate and offer cryptocurrencies to customers,” Enzersdorfer-Konrad explained.

Bitpanda is already partnering with industry giants such as the Austrian Raiffeisenlandesbank, the European mobile bank N26, the French financial app Lydia, the British fintech Plum, and the Italian mobile bank Hype.

“Banks will be able to see data about their payment transactions and how much of their clients’ funds go to cryptocurrency companies,” Enzersdorfer-Konrad added.

Recently, Bitpanda announced that it is going to invest $10 million to create a special unit for development in the field of artificial intelligence. The platform, which will be called, will focus on creating and delivering state-of-the-art investment-based products and AI itself.

In April, it became known that the Vienna division of Raiffeisen Bank, in cooperation with Bitpanda, was going to provide its clients with cryptocurrency trading services.