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Bitter Love, the rap of the kids from the Acireale Juvenile Penitentiary Institute

A rap against violence, to tell about love. Making us listen to it are the boys and girls of the juvenile penitentiary institute of Acireale who, in the music workshops, composed and sang Bitter love.

Their very young voices alternate with those of the coordinators of the rap music workshops, which are part of the Permanent Cultural Presidiuma national project of Cco (Crisis as Opportunity), who allowed the creation of the song, taking care of the music and the video clip. Bitter love it is a choral piece full of meaning, sung by Natalia, Alex, Ami, Serena, Ivan, Iglesias and many others, but also by Kento and Lucariellosenior rappers, trainers and members of Cco.

«We asked the kids at the juvenile penitentiary institute to tell about love in the most genuine way possible, without filters, in one of our meetings. We reflected on this concept following a bad news story, the gang rape in Caivano. I'm happy with what came out of it: a pure message, without frills and without a shadow of rhetoric” comments Maurizio Musumeci, aka Dinastia. Rapper and author, he has written lyrics for J-Ax, Mr Rain and Marco Mengoni, and since last year he has been coordinator of the rap workshops in the penitentiary institutions of Catania. With him is Zù Luciano, Luciano Maugeri, Sicilian singer and author: «When we started working on the song, we asked the boys to write a thought about love, just two lines to describe their feelings. “Love is everything” is what I find to be the most meaningful: simple, but at the same time with the force of an avalanche.”

According to official Antigone Onlus data, there are 380 boys and girls detained in Italian juvenile penitentiary institutions, 2.7% of the total handled by juvenile justice services. «Music has a great capacity for sublimation and therefore a therapeutic value» explains Lucariello. «The moment something is told it's like looking at it from the outside: he is able to judge it and understand it. When the strongest and most negative emotions and experiences remain unexpressed, they become time bombs destined to explode.” The aim of the project is precisely this: to restore hope to those who have stumbled, to help them rebuild themselves, day after day.

Source: Vanity Fair

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