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Black bear is spotted on the streets of a city in Florida, USA

Fort Myers police warned city residents to avoid an area near downtown on Monday morning because a black bear had been spotted in the area.

The animal was in a fenced area. After police called the Florida Department of Fish and Wildlife, the government's environmental conservation agency, agents tried for hours to get the bear into a cage, but were unable to do so.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officer Adam Brown said, “In the end, we could tell with the weather here with a lot of noise and a lot of stress added to this bear that he didn't seem interested in eating, and we decided that It was probably best to act.”

The nearly 300-pound black bear appeared behind the fence of a local business. Mickey Rosado, the owner of the establishment, was surprised to see the company in the news. “I'm glad it was here in my backyard and not anywhere else,” he said.

The agency used tranquilizers to remove the animal from the site and will relocate it to state property. But he warned that, at this time of year, animals are more active.

Source: CNN Brasil

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