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Black Friday 2023: Yankee Candles on sale among Amazon offers

Who wants to recreate the perfect Christmas atmosphere knows well how important they are candles. And not just for the their magical and romantic appearance, but also for the aroma they can release into the air. Precisely for this reason, if we talk about scented candleswe can’t talk about Yankee Candle: the maxi American candles contained in glass jars which, since they arrived in Italy, have been able to win the hearts of candle lovers scented candle.

On the occasion of Black Friday 2023on Amazonthere are truly many Yankee Candle on offer and discounted: the perfect excuse for lovers of the genre to stock up on them. Real design objects that also have the ability to furnish, thanks to their appearance coozy given by the glass vase and completed by the colored and scented wax.

And when we talk about scented candles, it is also necessary to evaluate how these candles can last and enrich one or more rooms in your home. And with well 20,000 reviews positive, the Yankee Candle prove to be one of the most popular choices among users. This is thanks to their performances:

  • 160 hours of continuous burning;
  • intense and persistent aroma;
  • absence of smoke.

Yankee Candles on offer for Black Friday

For everyone there is a candle with the right scent, it’s difficult to argue otherwise: from Christmas cinnamon through ginger bread to warm cashmere and the classic clean scent of times gone by.

Christmas Magic

Yankee Candle, Christmas Magic

By lighting this candle you officially open the doors to Christmas. And this is thanks to the balsamic notes of pine that blend with the accord with a touch of birch and eucalyptus. To be lit on December 1st throughout Advent.

Cinnamon Stick

Yankee Candle, Cinnamon Stick

Cinnamon is either loved or hated. And if you are from the cinnamon team this candle is the fifth essence of pleasure where bundles of exotic cinnamon are linked to cloves. A real welcome to the autumn season.

A calm & quiet place

Yankee Candle, A calm and quiet place

A book, a blanket and a cup of hot tea. What’s missing to wrap it all up? The candle designed and studied specifically for moments of relaxation and which evokes calm and balance: where jasmine blends with patchouli and a soft touch of amber musk.

Cherry Blossom

Yankee Candle, cherry blossom

When spring is now a distant memory, perhaps the time has come to light this candle. Cherry blossoms emerge from this pink candle which immediately brings to mind the blossoming and energy of the spring season.

Farm Fresh Peach

Yankee Candle, Farm Fresh Peach

A breakfast in the countryside, a laid table and a brunch to share with friends: what’s missing is this candle that brings the sweetness of the peach to the table, with its almost caramelized hints.

Warm Cashmere

Yankee Candle, Warm Cashmere

Winter calls for cuddles, this also applies to the fabrics and yarns to wear or dress the house with. So why not do the same thing with a candle? Here are the notes of sandalwood and patchouli that blend together in an extremely elegant aroma.

Fresh Cute Roses

Yankee Candle, Fresh Cut Roses

For the romantic friend, the one who daydreams and loves to get lost in flower gardens where the most sentimental of flowers bloom every spring. Just light this candle to find yourself inside an inebriating English garden scented with ancient roses.

Bright Lights Gift Set

Yankee Candle Gift Set, Bright Lights Collection

Looking for a gift? This set is the perfect solution even for those who know little about themselves. In fact, inside the box there are 3 scented bottles and 1 small signed glass with the scent of Vanilla Crème Brûlée, Christmas Night, Cinnamon and Twinkling Lights.


Yankee Candle, Vanilla

Sweet and creamy, sugary and romantic: it is the aroma of vanilla that, in this maxi candle, releases all its bewitching power.

Seaside Woods

Yankee Candle, Seaside Woods

Those who cannot give up the scent of the sea even in winter will appreciate this candle with its comforting fragrance. Here the protagonists are the woods which, together with citrus fruits and floral notes, will accompany you on a trip to the coast (even in December).

Clean Cotton

Yankee Candle, Clean Cotton

The classic scent of clean, white soap, clothes hanging in the sun waving in the air: this candle needs no other introduction. Inside, what conquers you are the green notes and white flowers, all completed by a hint of lemon.

Midnight Jasmine

Yankee Candle, Midnight Jasmine

Just close your eyes and think of the scent of jasmine on a summer night: a seductive candle, thanks also to sweet honeysuckle, neroli and mandarin flowers.

Lemon Lavender

Yankee Candle, Lemon Lavender

Provence hides inside this candle. Lemon and lavender, in a contrast of freshness and sweetness, accompany you on a boundless journey. All seasoned with pleasant clean notes.

Midsymmer’s Night

Yankee Candle, Midsummer Night

Anyone looking for a candle with character can definitely opt for this candle. Here musk, patchouli, sage and pomegranate create an intense aroma, also suitable for those who love fragrances full of energy and character.

Source: Vanity Fair

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