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Black Friday: 78% of Brazilians should shop online, research shows

More than 78% of the Brazilian population intends to buy products over the internet on this year’s Black Friday, on November 25th. The data are part of the research produced by the consumer behavior analysis company Nielsen|Ebit, in partnership with Bexspay, released this Wednesday (19) exclusively by CNN .

The survey indicates that, among people who must purchase goods online, 56% are men, while 44% are women. The survey also points out that most buyers live in the Southeast region of the country, 59% of the total.

Among the items most coveted by Brazilians are electronics and home appliances. Together, the two segments represent 35% of the purchase potential on Black Friday. The survey also mentions other sectors that should be highlighted on the date: fashion and accessories, in addition to cosmetics and perfumeries.

The credit card should be the most used method for purchasing items over the internet. Seven out of ten people intend to use this modality to make purchases during the period.

On average, consumers intend to divide the installments into six installments and guarantee, on average, two items. Most people said they expect to spend between R$1,000 and R$2,500.

“The online purchase intention for the coming months is already very high, reaching 97% of consumers. With Black Friday promotions, this desire intensifies. No wonder, the main reason for buying during the period is usually affordable prices and fair promotions”, detailed the head of e-commerce at NielsenIQ|Ebit, Marcelo Osanai.

Despite the optimistic projection, this year’s purchase volume should be lower compared to 2021. The survey shows that, on last year’s Black Friday, almost 90% of Brazilians were interested in purchasing items over the internet.

Also according to the survey, this shows that consumers are more cautious with the economic situation, with high interest rates and inflationary pressure.

Source: CNN Brasil

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