Black Friday: sales revenue rises 6% in 2021, but purchase volume does not change

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Total e-commerce billing between midnight on Thursday (25th) and 4 pm this Friday (26th), the date of Black Friday, rose 6% compared to the same period in 2020. The value is of BRL 4.18 billion.

The data are from a survey by the company Neotrust, which also points out that the number of orders remained the same as in 2020. With this, the increase in income comes from a ticket, value spent, 5% higher on average than in the previous year, of BRL 713.52.

In the hourly comparison, the peaks of orders and billing occurred between 10 am and 10:59 am this Friday, totaling 308 thousand and R$ 242.7 million, respectively.

The survey also points out that 57% of Black Friday participants in Brazil are women, compared to 43% men. Considering age groups, adults between 26 and 35 years old are the ones who participate the most (34.95%), whereas those over 51 years old have the smallest participation (14.46%).

The Southeast region concentrates the largest number of orders and billing, corresponding to 56.72% of total e-commerce revenue. It is followed by the Northeast (17.88%), South (15.19%), Midwest (7.45%) and North (2.76%).

Although the Southeast still dominates the share of orders, with 61%, the total number is 2% lower than in 2020. The highest percentage increase in the number of orders is in the North, at 11%.

The five most purchased categories are, respectively, fashion and accessories, beauty and perfumery, telephony, small appliances and household appliances.

Another survey, by the e-commerce platform CloudShop, points out that small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in the sector moved R$ 10.8 million in the first 12 hours of Black Friday, up 13% compared to 2020.

The average ticket of e-commerce SMEs also rose, going from R$ 217 to R$ 246. So far, the sales peak was at 10 am, with 267 products sold per minute. The best-selling categories are fashion, toys, electronics, health and beauty, and home and garden. Another novelty is that 9% of sales were paid via Pix, compared to 3% via bank slip.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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