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Black Friday: see what to do when you regret your purchase

Black Friday: see what to do when you regret your purchase

This Friday’s Black Friday (25) may have been a good opportunity for those looking for good discounts, but those who bought it on impulse may have regretted it.

In some cases, there is a way to ask for a return even if the merchandise is not defective. See how.

home shopping

Not only for the Black Friday period, the right of repentance guaranteed at any time by the Consumer Defense Code (CDC).

For products purchased at home – by telephone, internet or PO box, for example – the consumer You can cancel your purchase within 7 days 🇧🇷 The term counts from the moment the goods were received or the contract was signed.

According to the Brazilian Institute of Consumer Protection (Idec), there is a return guarantee for purchases made at home, as the customer cannot accurately evaluate the product, as when going to a physical establishment.

The CDC also guarantees to receive the money back, without having to pay for the freight. “Amounts eventually paid, in any capacity, during the reflection period, will be returned immediately, monetarily updated”, points out the code.

How to cancel

To cancel the purchase and make the return, contact the company via phone or email. Some stores, on their websites, provide a chat for these situations. Procon de SP advises that the cancellation request be registered in writing.

If it is not possible to resolve the issue directly with the supplier, it is possible to file a complaint with consumer protection agencies.

On the Procon SP website, complaints can be opened by informing what happened in detail and what you want to receive as compensation. The company will be alerted and may return to the customer to resolve the issue.

As long as there is no agreement between the parties, the complaint is registered on the website. Some cases may even reach a legal instance.

Idec points out that, depending on the situation, if it is a last resort, there is a way to file a lawsuit in a Special Civil Court.

There are also portals such as Reclame Aqui, where consumers can register their complaints.

shopping in store

If you went to the physical store to make your Black Friday purchases, but, after payment, you have given up on the product, the establishment is not obliged to reimburse as in online purchases, points out Idec.

But the institution points out that some stores offer exchanges – as in the case of certain types of clothing, in which many establishments say in 30 days, even changing the product – to maintain a good relationship with customers.

In this case, when going to the cashier, ask if they make exchanges, what are the deadlines and conditions for this – if it is necessary to take the invoice and not remove the label, for example. Sometimes, the questioning is not necessary, as the attendant already does it.

Idec warns that, if the supplier presents in its internal rules that there is possibility of exchange, but does not comply with it, it will be violating article 30 of the CDC, which provides for the fulfillment of the offer. If this happens, a formal written request can be made to receive the amount paid back.

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Source: CNN Brasil



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