Black Friday triggers anxiety to buy electronics, expert alerts

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In an interview with CNN Radio, the professor of Electronic Systems Engineering at Politecnica at USP, Marcelo Zuffo, called attention to possible pitfalls of Black Friday, which takes place this Friday (26).

He explains that the biggest expense of human beings, after food, is with electronics – “it’s part of the science of modern life.”

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In this context, the expert highlights that “Black Friday creates anxiety to buy opportunities”: “Everyone wants TVs, toasters, everything cheap, this is the concept of the date, at the same time, it has new technologies and unfortunately this increases the incidence of fraud .”

The answer to avoid having “cat in a poke”, according to him, is the test drive: “Sometimes tempting offers appear, but the best way to clear up any doubts is to go to a face-to-face store before buying, evaluating the product in hand or have a recommendation from someone who also has the item, for the best cost-benefit ratio.”

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Zuffo also assessed that there was a change in the pattern of technologies in Brazil. “Until recently, new technology was happening abroad and nothing here, fast payments like Pix bring convenience, well-being, quality, but they have to come together with behavioral standards because malicious individuals exist.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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