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The importance of honoring your ancestors, burying your dead, living your grief, letting go and passing the baton. Thus, it would be possible to do in a tweet a summary of the movie ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, which opens this Thursday (10) in all theaters in the country but which had a preview night for guests this Wednesday in São Paulo.

The film continues to live up to the title of an Afrofuturist work, exalting all the ancestry of African peoples, mixing science fiction and bringing a beautiful message to the African diaspora. This importance of having more productions with blacks in the spotlight but also behind the scenes. Only then will our stories begin to be really told by us and respecting who we are.

With great sensitivity, the work pays a beautiful tribute to actor Chadwick Boseman who died of cancer in 2020, and played the superhero Black Panther. In addition to honoring the actor, giving a new destiny to the central character, the director took the opportunity to insert the theme of mourning in the plot.

How do you bury your dead? How do you deal with grief? For the thousands of people who have lost a loved one or for the feeling of collective post-pandemic grief, it is impossible not to get emotional.

In addition, Black Panther is loaded with representation and symbology that refer to African peoples – whether in the emphasis on respect for elders, the feeling of belonging, spiritual rituals, clothing and all the African beauty exalted in the work.

Without many spoilers, but one of the highlights of the film is the black female role. In Wakanda Forever, women gain a new relevance and having always respected the diversity of styles and ideas. Nice to see a work where a woman can be several and not a single heroine woman who carries everything in a single character. High point for Princess Shuri, the warriors of Wakanda, the queen of T’Challa and Riri Williams, the young black woman who is a prodigy and breaks all possible stereotypes when it comes to intelligence and representation.

And, not to fail to send your message, Black Panther brings a lot of criticism in the film. The power of the colonizer, the enslaved peoples and the dispute for the riches of the African and native peoples. Wakanda Forever provokes a great discussion in this sense and brings as a final lesson that we have to ally and unite to protect ourselves.

Source: CNN Brasil

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